The Tracks of their Enemy

Yaguya and his master followed the tracks in silence, with grim determination, as they had for quite some time. Finally Yaguya found the courage to ask the question which had burned on his tongue since the day their journey began. “Master”, he asked, “where are we going?”

 “North”, his master answered. “These are the tracks of the abominable entity which is responsible for the death of both my father and my grandfather. I have trained all my life for the day that I will be able to avenge them. That day has finally come upon us.”

“All these years I never told you why I never accepted anything but the very best from you, but now, as the final confrontation nears, it is vital that you know. For both my father and his father before were masters of mysterious techniques time forgot, yet they were no match for our enemy. But together, you and I may have a chance to succeed where they have failed, for the destruction of the evil one is far more important than worldly pride. May history forget my name, but I’d rather win with you on my side, than lose all alone, leaving this mostrosity roaming the land, killing without hesitation or remorse. In this, my pupil, our finest hour, I accept you as my equal – you have been trained well, and I am proud to fight next to you. Be ready now, Yaguya – there he comes.”

And with a mighty rumble, their formidable foe appeared on the horizon. He was bigger and faster than Yaguya expected, but with his master by his side, he feared neither defeat nor death. “Stand firm”, his master said, shouting above the bellowing screams of their adversary. “This ends here and now!”


“Holy E. coli, Megavision, what was that noise?” asked Wolf-Ear Boy. And Megavision, who worked as a train operator in his day job, answered: “Oh, that’s it! I’ve had it with these motherfucking snails under motherfucking trains!”

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